Honda NT700V

Introducing the Honda NT700V, newly arrived here in the U.S., and the perfect combination of cross-town commuter and cross-country capability that’s been wowing Europeans for over a decade. Think of it this way: If the ST1300 had a little brother, it would be the NT700V. Plenty nimble to eat up [...]


Honda ST1300

The sport-touring motorcyclist is a unique animal, one part long-distance hauler, one part canyon-carving ace. Comfort and performance have to be perfectly balanced in their machine, and that’s why there’s really only been one choice: the Honda ST1300. Gold Wing-inspired luxury and CBR-derived performance have been impeccably fused, with wind-tunnel-honed [...]


Honda GL18HPM

When it comes to touring, there’s really only one bike that should ever enter the conversation. That’s the Gold Wing, Honda Powersports’ standard-bearer, the technological and luxury feature showcase rolled up into a machine Cycle World magazine has named one of its “Top 10 Bikes” an incredible 17 times! No [...]


Honda CB250

Versatile. Multi-faceted. Ultra-capable. The Nighthawk has garnered praise from experts and owners alike for decades, and perhaps no better word than “all-rounder” sums up this machine’s appeal and longevity. Lightweight. Dependable. Performance-packed. And as easy on your wallet as it is to use. Whether you’re a total beginner or a [...]